IEC, Cox make deal to accelerate broadband access

Cleveland, Okla. - Today, Indian Electric Cooperative announced a fiber cooperative effort with Cox Communications to provide multi-gigabit, symmetrical, all-fiber Internet to its nearly 14,000 members. This cooperative effort is an innovative approach and will accelerate broadband access to unserved and underserved areas of rural Oklahoma.

“Cox is committed to the communities it serves, has local presence, and it is a leader in broadband,” IEC Chief Executive Officer Todd Schroeder said. “While we felt confident in IEC’s ability to provide its own service, it makes a lot more sense to combine the strengths of the co-op in building infrastructure, and the strengths of Cox in providing broadband service to the home. This type of cooperative effort may be unprecedented, but it is the quickest and most financially responsible way to deliver broadband to all of our members.”

The IEC Board of Directors and Cox Communications executives approved the terms earlier this month. Through the agreement, the IEC-built fiber network remains a co-op asset, which Cox Communications will lease and maintain operations. Co-op leaders explored several other local broadband opportunities, but ultimately chose to offer the lease to Cox.

In addition to providing multi-gigabit, symmetrical Internet speeds, Cox will also be able to offer TV and business services.

“Communities have trusted Cox since our founding in 1898 and we are honored that IEC has put their trust in us to deliver powerful high-speed Internet to its members. This cooperative effort ensures rural communities through the seven-county region have the critical access needed to take advantage of online, work, learning, and healthcare and increase their opportunity for economic gain,” said Roger Ramseyer, Market Vice President, Cox Communications.

In 2021, IEC announced its priority in building a fiber pilot project in the small town of Fairfax, which is underserved. With the signing of official documents, IEC and Cox confirm their commitment to ensure service in Fairfax remains the first priority. Additional new service zones will be announced by Cox as they approach construction.

IEC member households interested in receiving service and updates should complete the form at

The cooperative still is pursuing multiple avenues to receive state and/or federal infrastructure funding intended for rural broadband expansion projects to offset investment costs to members.

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