All cooperative members have equal voting rights and have the opportunity to vote at IEC’s district and annual meetings. Seven directors are elected by members to represent their districts (map shown below) on IEC’s board at district meetings. Each director serves a three-year term. The board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month.

While the director represents the members of his/her district, he/she is to serve the interest of all members. Once elected, it is the duty of each director to preserve and protect the assets of the cooperative, set policy, approve budgets, choose the General Manager, and to actively participate in the various required meetings. They direct the functions of the General Manager, the cooperative attorney, and the auditors. All other employees and contractors are the responsibility of the General Manager.

To learn more about duties of directors and the process for elections, see the IEC bylaws.


Current Directors


District 1 Director
Berry Keeler


District 2 Director
Jim Hadlock
OAEC Board Member


District 3 Director
Lee Peckenpaugh


District 4 Director
Dr. Greg Fielding
KAMO Board Member


District 5 Director
Ralph Jerome
Asst. Secretary


District 6 Director
Mike Spradling

Chris Hudgins

District 7 Director
Chris Hudgins


IEC territory by district