GM outlines goals in virtual annual meeting

The historically severe cold weather in February taxed our system and the system of our power suppliers. But their balanced mix of generation sources, with the coal plants being the foundation, kept the power flowing. At one point during the storm, we asked you — our members — to conserve. Because of the preparedness from our suppliers and the action from our members, we didn’t face outages others in our region did. You made a difference.”

Jim Hadlock, President, IEC Board of Trustees

The board of trustees discussing agenda items in June 2021.

Did you know IEC has some of the lowest rates, in not only the state, but the country as well? …Our goal is to maintain our operating expenses as close to a neutral baseline as possible and cut out expenses first before asking you for a rate increase.

Todd Schroeder, IEC General Manager

The 2021 IEC Annual Meeting is complete. Watch it here.


IEC gave back $2,500 total in bill credits to 10 random members who registered online ahead of the 2021 annual meeting. Ten credits of $250 were issued.

Congratulations to:
Carol Linville, Cleveland
Brandi Brien, Fairfax
Dennis Maupin, Cleveland
Kenneth Cochran, Mannford
Lucinda Jimison, Cleveland
William Miears, Hominy
Annabelle Edgar, Cleveland
Curtis Drymon, Fairfax
Nicholas Schuellein, Cleveland
Jessica Revis, Sand Springs